Can I suggest a YouTube video idea?

We have a long list of ideas for videos already, but nevertheless we love to hear your ideas. We do get a lot of messages, so we can’t guarantee a reply, but it is always appreciated — and if we do intend to use the idea it shouldn’t take us too long to get back to you.

If you send in an idea, then please keep in mind that we may use your idea, and don’t have to credit you. We most certainly will credit you of course! But sometimes we are already working on a video when someone sends in that exact idea and then thinks we’ve ripped them off.

In the words of Tom Scott:

“Ideas have to be interesting to the lay viewer, simple enough to explain without losing the audience, complicated enough not to be obvious, and also be capable of having a narrative attached to them.”

If that hasn’t put you off, feel free to email us with your pitch.