Are you a sports business insider and would like to share information with us?

If you have inside knowledge or confidential information that we should know, there are secure ways to reach us. 
There is no such thing as one hundred percent security in electronic communication. But here we offer you various ways to get in touch with us and provide secure and encrypted documents, hints, and information. Your anonymity is preserved. We protect our sources. 

1. Send us an email to

You can also use this email address for feedback and thematic suggestions. 

2. Send us a message via Threema:

Threema-ID: ENJPDDMB / Marc 

3. You are also welcome to send us printed or more extensive documents by post:

Athletic Interest AI GmbH, Richard-Byrd-Straße 31, 50829 Cologne

What makes a good tip for us?

  • You are the owner of an official document that points to a special phenomenon and/or makes so far unpublished connections clear.
  • You know about until now unknown personnel changes in large companies. 
  • You have as concrete information as possible about misinformation or inconsistencies in the high echelons of the sports business or the sports media.